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Intermountain Dental Assisting is unlike other schools and here’s why......


You are Important to Us:

The best part of our day is working with our students! We want to get to know you and give you all the individual attention and training you need to succeed so we keep our classes small, only 6-8 students per class!  


We Like to Have Fun:          

Its always easier to learn when you are having fun so we make sure to laugh.... a lot! You might even catch us doing a little dancing in the hallways!


We Aren't Above Giving Bribes:

The best place for you to learn is, of course, at the school and dental office therefore we do all we can to keep you there, but we also know its hard to learn on an empty stomach so we not above bribing you with drinks, snacks, treats and even pizza!! 


Our School:

Our school was designed to be just like a dental office with two fully functioning dental operatories furnished with state of the art equipment.

Intermountain Dental Assisting defers from the normal dental office based school in that it we have designed our “office” exclusively to train YOU!  This enables us go beyond the classroom and basic hands-on training. This gives you the freedom of creating your own schedule!


Hands-On Training:  

Intermountain Dental Assisting School doesn’t just lecture. Most classes end in the dental operatories putting everything you learned into action immediately. This form of learning has been proven to  training you to be one of the most desirable dental assistants on the market!


Intermountain Dental Assisting has partnered with Hillfield Pediatric and Family Dentistry; they are directly next door to our school in Layton and one of the largest producing dental offices in Davis County with many dental specialties. This will give you exposure to almost every dental specialty such as, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Pediatrics and General Dentistry. This experience will then give you more choices for employment. When you choose our internship along with your course, you will have the opportunity to train in this fast paced exciting dental office! 


Versatile Class Schedules:

Train in less than 10 hours a week! Intermountain Dental Assisting’s flexible schedule allows you to continue to work or other commitments and still have a life while attending school!


Affordable Tuition:

We offer several payment options. Our in-house options are without interest or financing charges! 


Everything is Included!

Our Dental Assisting Course includes hands-on training in all aspects of Chair-side Dental Assisting and expanded functions.

We don’t limit your materials because you are a better judge of when you feel you have mastered a new skill so we want you to practice until your feel confidant

All textbooks, supplies, materials are included in your tuition; as well as a scrub uniform and custom teeth whitening trays and material for you!


Go Straight to Work:

Intermountain Dental Assisting has combined your class and clinical internship into our 10 week course because we know its best to learn by doing! 


Career Assistance

We help you create a personal resume highlighting your individual skills and prepare you by teaching interviewing skills, body language, and appearance and communication techniques. 

We have developed a great reputation in our community. Dentists know the quality training an Intermountain Dental Assisting Graduate will have, dental offices seek us out when looking to fill positions. We ensure that you know what jobs are available in your target area and we help promote you to the offices of your choice.


Lending Library:

Our books, materials, computers, instruments, etc. All that we have is available to you.... at NO extra cost to you!


There's No One Like Us! Many schools have tried to imitate us, even copied our text right off our website, don't be fooled by an imitations, when you choose Intermountain Dental Assisting, you know you are choosing the best!